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welcome to kai s

I could throw out a bunch of ballyhoo about how I'm working on this site and COMING SOON! we'll have a section on
which microphone cables smell best, but I won't (although I'm partial to Canare Cable in terms of scent). This is what it is. Thanks!

relevant sources of information pertaining to sound

irreverent bits of humor and hubris relating to sound

kai s sound links.

rejected lexicon presets.

kai s sound handbook.

the sound police.

kai s homage to Sony headphones.

the BSS TCS-666



articles about ME or my work!


Fun Home.
(Mix Magazine, Sept, 2015)

Contemporary Musical Theatre.
(Interview, June, 2015)

On the Town.
(Live Design, November, 2014)

Million Dollar Quartet in Japan.
(Asahi Shimbun, September, 2012)

(Live Sound, June, 2011)

On the Town.
(Live Design, November, 2014)


Anything Else.
(Use a Search Engine)


ridiculous cadac modules

my old car.

Broadway Board Op Round-Up.
(Entertainment Design, June, 2004)

articles I wrote!

opera's dirty little secret

interview with Francois Bergeron

interview with Garth Hemphill

Sound Engineer Wish List

A Christmas Carol.
(Meyer Sound Press Release)

a review of a show I designed in 1995.
(Yale Herald - ANCIENT HISTORY!!)

main links - people I like, and things I find amusing

musician jokes

meyer sound

a lovely little poem about the decibel


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