[or, someone please get me a hobby and/or a girlfriend]

this is my car.
my car is a 1991 Isuzu Rodeo. It is grey.

one day in the summer of 2003, I got bored.

this is Brad. he is testing Meyer MM-4 loudspeakers prior to our departure to San Francisco.
as you can see, we have a lot of MM-4s.
this is a closeup view through my car's windshield. that is a Meyer MM-4 sitting on my dashboard.
this is the MM-4 on my right side. i decided i didn't really care how good it sounded to anyone else in the car, so it was up to me to put the speakers in approximately good nearfield monitor locations.
straight on view, including shot of my new Blaupunkt Heidelberg CD51 CD receiver. the only reason I wanted this particular model was because it has a five-band semi-parametric equalizer.
this is the MM-4 on the left side. it is not in a particulary wonderful position nor is it angled very well but you know what? it's in my CAR.
closeup of the left speaker. the speakers were affixed to the dash with that industrial-strength hook-and-loop stuff that comes with new Littlites. please also note ever-important "Town of Greenwich Park Pass." That is GOLD.
the week after installing the MM-4s, I got more bored. so I bought a power inverter to plug into my car's cigarette lighter.

but why?

oh, of course! see, much as I love the MM-4s, they lack a little in the low-end because they are, after all, four-inch cubes.

solution? Meyer M1D-Sub in the back of my car.

overview of my car. you can actually identify the three Meyer loudspeakers in it! Woo-hoo!

it's a little boomy now. i never wanted to be one of those gangsta-homeys with the thumping bass emanating from their car, so now I restrict myself to Brahms symphonies and chamber music.

Created 08.08.03, © Kai Harada

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